We are an Ecuadorian family, originally from Quito and the province of Loja


Hotel Casa Sayu are accompanied by a great team; whose main virtue is to value life and enjoy day to day life.


We believe that the main thing we have is the “gift of service”, through our experience in customer attendance and service, both in restaurants and hotels, comes the project to create a hotel, with comfort, safety and surrounded by natural light, where the guest saves beautiful memories of the guest create their trip to Ecuador. By experiencing the concepts of mother nature and all of it’s glory.


Our parents and our ancestors were supported by agriculture, hence our attachment  to  the  land,  not  only   to   cultivate,  but  also  to  admire the creation,


in fruits, flowers, the shade of the trees, birds, and butterflies of the place.


We have the culture of preserving the environment. practicing ecology, using water properly, as well as good waste management, contributing to the world with good environmental practices.


The values we always foster such as responsibility, honesty, warmth, punctuality, honesty and of course teamwork, made us create Hotel Casa Sayu, as a project that shows Ecuador, its culture, traditions and life style, here from the center of the world.


We’ll be waiting for you!!


Hotel Casa Sayu


Our symbol is constructed from an environment of nature with the presence of a flower called “CAMPANITA VIOLETA”, with the characteristic that this flower grows wild in the Serranía Ecuatoriana, and is also called “Flor de los sueños” that in the day it opens and in the night it closes, that is, it rests like the human being; in the day he works and in the night he rests. We must highlight the presence of the hummingbird that is commonly seen on the property.


Be a hotel that provides, comfort, quality service, in connection with mother earth, offering wellness to our guests, with an agile  friendly team.


Become a benchmark in producing wellbeing and satisfaction to our guests, together with an empowered, happy, nimble team.


Responsibility – Teamwork – Kindness – Honesty – Quality – Respect – Excellence in service – Punctuality


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